What is a resource family parent?

In January 2017, California law introduced a significant change in its classification system. Instead of exclusively referring to foster parents, the state began approving “resource families” and “resource parents” as a new classification, encompassing various types of caregivers, including foster parents and relatives.

This change doesn’t substantially alter the daily care and responsibilities undertaken by a foster parent compared to a resource family parent. Both resource parents and foster parents are individuals or couples who aspire to provide day-to-day care for children under the custody of the court and/or county or state agencies. Additionally, resource families can also comprise individuals or couples seeking to care for family members in the custody of the court or other county or state agencies.

Kair In-Home Social Services is authorized to oversee and support resource families in this new classification, offering opportunities for individuals or couples to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children during challenging times.

If you have a heartfelt desire to support a child during challenging times, you may be the caring guardian who can make a positive impact on their lives.